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Why has my Question about Diana going Angola and walking the landmines been deleted! ?

A bit confused why my question has just disappeared!  I don't understand what was so offensive about it! ? 

But anyway, I'll try and ask again! 

Why was Diana going to Angola and spreading awareness about the landmines so controversial back then? I understand it was very political and not considered the right thing for her to do. And countries like the USA lost a lot of money or potentially could of lost money? Is that correct? 

I think it was brave of her to go there and walk through the fields! 

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    She inadvertently outed both Britain and The US for their use of landmines. She surprised then president Clinton by cajoling him into helping her stop the use of landmines at a gala. Enter Rosa Monkton and her family of MI5 operatives. She became Diana's best friend, or so thought Diana. Diana then made a huge PDA with Dodi Fayad. Fayad's uncle was Adnan Kashoggi, a billionaire dealer in landmines and other weapons. Dodi probably didn't mention it. That Rosa Monkton wasn't invited to William's wedding is very telling. Many of Diana's lesser friends were.

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    1 month ago

    Your question was likely deleted because there are certain moderators who report and delete questions based on their dislike of Diana. 

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    Countries all over the world use land mines and they fail to remove them after the conflicts are over.

    Diana had other charities that supplied prosthetics and there was a large demand for them. Diana wanted to know why and that is when she learned about the land mines. She did not consider this a political issue, but an issue involving health and safety. Some people accused her of being political and Diana made a point about her not being a "political creature."

    Diana saw how fields were swept for hidden land mines. The field that she walked in had been swept, but there still was a danger that a mine was missed.

    As I can not read the original question, I can not say why the question was deleted. Moderators, contrary to what a troll opined, simply don't remove a question because they don't like it. Rules were flouted is all I can say.

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    It was one of the issues she was championing.   Do you really think what she was doing was dangerous and that the pathway she was walking hadn't been cleared long before she walked there - brave was exactly what she hope people would think it was.  Again, give the woman an Oscar.

    Politically correct for her, or not, didn't make much difference to her.   Most of it was done for effect.

    Your previous question may have been reported by more than one, for whatever reason.

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    We have an individual on here that is a moderator and he removes questions and answers he doesn't like. Contact Yahoo and report what has happened.

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    The landmines thing was controversial because at the time she did the stunt, Britain was still flogging landmines round the world. As jobs depended on the arms trade it was regarded by some as a political matter, not something the royals should get involved with. Since then Britain has outlawed landmines thanks in part to Diana but mainly to the work of the HALO Trust. As for what happened to your question, trolls don't like serious questions about royalty.

  • Anonymous
    1 month ago

    Because someone reported you

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