Should I be upset?

I’m 28 year old female. I met this guy at camp when I was 17. I was always drawn to him. We would flirt but then he would end up getting a gf. He has took me on dates then would ghost me. So recently he hit me up on social media asking to just hang out as friends to catch up. Everything went fine. Until I decided to leave. He was by the door I said aren’t you going to walk me out it’s dark out. And it’s downtown la. He said he had to print some papers and closed the door. I felt like an idiot and cried a little. Am I being dramatic. 

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  • 4 weeks ago
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    No I don't think so at all.  It was dark and you were a little apprehensive and he went back to his printer.  I'd be pretty miffed as well.  However, I don't think I'd be too anxious to renew my acquaintance with this guy in the future.  You fancied him 10 years ago and you both indulged in a little flirtation but it never went any further than that.  You weren't what he was looking for then and he got himself another g/f.  You've had the occasional date with him over the years......which to you (by the sound of it) meant more than they did to him.  To you he was a 'possibility' and you wanted more and never got it.  To him, it sounds like you were just a casual friend who he'd catch up with now and then.  He probably wasn't deliberately ghosting you.  He'd seen you and caught up with you and that was it until the next time as far as he was concerned.  He's popped up on social media again and, as before, you've met up with him thinking this time is going to be different.  But it's more of the same isn't it - only this time he's thought that you are old enough to look after yourself and his papers and printing mean a bit more to him than you do.  Yes, I'd feel insulted as you feel.  No, you weren't an idiot.  You just woke up to the fact that he was rather worthless which was sad because you had thought better of him and invested your valuable time on him which he didn't deserve.  I'd have had a bit of a snivel too.  There are better men out there than this rather egotistical and self centred guy.  Next time he wants a 'catch-up' you can just say 'Hi - good to hear from you.  Sorry but I'm too busy to meet up with you this time....bye'.  .  

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