I have Jewish root. My mom's grandma was Jewish. I want to follow Torah. I am Jewish in my idea. But am I still Jew IF I believe in Quran?

I follow Torah Laws and believe it is G-d's Laws completely for us children of Israel. I don't believe in Islam and don't try to say to me Islam is good and needed, too. Islam is not for me, Quran says we have a covenant as children of Israel and it is Torah. AND There is even verse in Quran says In Which words you believer After Quran? Which shows the others are fake. OR surely not G-d's words and I don't care about those Arabic things. I am not Arab. I want to Follow G-d Only... AND G-d's prophets are followed by me ONLY when they say words of G-d. Nothing more, nothing else.

Do Jews think it makes me NonJew when I believe in Torah Laws completely as words and commandments of G-d and Tanakh and Talmud when not against Torah laws completely AND ALSO Quran is words of G-d? I interpret Quran Rightly, the way Torah is right, too. AND I believe in it REALLY... Not like I think one verse is True and others were removed and G-d is not enough for reliance. No, I believe only in help of G-d. I pray towards Jerusalem, as Quran says it is our direction, TOO... How do Jews think of me? Am I good Jew?


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  • 1 month ago
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    If you believe in the Quran, then you must believe Muhammad to be the last prophet and messenger of God for all of humanity who comes from the bloodline of Abraham, and if you believe that then you are not a Jew by any sense of the word. 

    Btw, Isaiah 42 already predicted the coming of Muhammad, descended from Ishmael. 

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