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Does military ask about relationship/sex counseling/therapy?

I am 22m, and have been to MEPs but sustained a knee injury that put the process on hold until I could get a clearing letter. Now I am trying to pick up where I left off. Okay, so I cannot remember exactly what they ask in the paperwork or at MEPs regarding therapy. I am going to be shooting for a security clearance, so I want to be upfront about as much as possible. I have never been to therapy or counseling, however, currently in my personal life, I don't date a lot and have started seeing a girl I really like. But some issues have began to surface regarding things like trust issues, abandonment issues, etc, and tbh I am also having some issues with sex and intimacy. I feel like I owe it to myself and to this girl to maybe start seeing a counselor or therapist and try to work some of these things out and see what's going on, and I am wondering if this is something I would be asked to disclose when joining the military, or if it would even come up? What about for security clearance? Thank you for any info!

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    All forms of therapy must be disclosed for any security clearance investigation.  Having therapy however, does not automatically mean you are denied all levels of Clearances, especially the lower ends up to SCI.  

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