Can I brew hard cider alcohol all within this glass container of apple juice?

I have gotten into the art of brewing my own alcohol. I'm actually planning on making a mixed berry mead but I had a question about this jug of apple juice. There's no additives and it's in a 1.5 L glass jug. If I had an airlock, some EC-1118 yeast, and some honey, will it brew into a hard cider all in this container? Perhaps I'd have to pour out some of the juice to compensate for the honey, but I was thinking that the fermentation process could occur all within this vessel. Would it work? And if so, would I need yeast nutrient? (Something I will have available this coming Monday)

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  • 4 weeks ago

    If you want cider it's probably best to start with cider.  Apple juice is actually cooked and finding some with no preservatives at all isn't going to be easy.  If you can no reason it won't work, it's just a lot easier to find cider.

    We used to make applejack all the time.  No recipe, we'd just take 5 gallons of cider from the farm market and toss in a little sugar and a couple of boxes of raisins.  Throw in some wine yeast and let it sit with an air lock for about three months.  It always came out pretty awesome.

  • 4 weeks ago

    Yes, but it won't be as good as it would be if you had a secondary vessel to rack (decant) the must into after a couple of weeks. You don't want it sitting on all the dead yeast cells for very long. The yeast nutrient certainly couldn't hurt. I trust that you have read the label to insure that the apple juice does not contain a preservative.

  • 4 weeks ago

    It,s a little bit risky.

  • Anonymous
    4 weeks ago

    I'd suggest pouring out the apple juice until it was no higher than the shoulders (keep what you pour out). If there is sugar in the apple juice, or you add sugar or cider and yeast then yes, you'll get a kind of cider (cider doesn't normally contain honey). Yeast nutrient is a good idea.

    When the fermentation starts the contents of the bottle will froth up (that's why the starting level needs to be low or else it will overflow) as the fermentation settles down, gradually add the apple juice you took out. Make sure fill the bottle before fermentation is finished.

    Edit, and yes, when fermentation is finished you need to siphon the clear liquid into another container or containers.

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