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Why do women feel robbed if a man leaves them after sex?

Like they feel like they were used and not got paid in return.

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    I don't know. I don't want to hate on women for things that do NOT seem overwhelmingly obvious to me so maybe the women just want to cuddle. I know I like a good cuddle after sex. 

  • Piero
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    1 month ago

    Always wondered about this. They usually got a (free) meal, a (free)show, some (ego boosting)entertainment and sexual satisfaction. That's more than the man got!!

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    As you say, "They feel like they were used and not got paid in return.".

    This is a serious question, isn't it?

    If so, let me respond from a serious academic standpoint.

    As a non-English native, I apologize in advance that my English will probably be difficult for readers to decipher.

    You're right.

    When men leave soon after sex, women generally "feel that they were used and not got paid in return."

    You don't need "like". 

    There is a biological background to why men and women have different attitudes towards sex.

    I will explain that below.

    Sex animals have different optimal reproductive strategies for both sexes. 

    In mammals, the difference in sex is due to an unreasonable difference in reproductive costs between males and females.

    We humans, too, have very different reproductive costs for men and women.

    There are two optimal reproductive strategies for men, but women have only one.

    That strategies for women is, that find out if the man who is trying to have sex with her is a man who deserves to leave his genes with her, and if he will willing to pays enough to cover and support his wife and child. 

    The cost of reproduction in women is extremely high. 

    So if she fails to one of these, the cost of that failure is prohibitively high compared to men. Women are always at risk of dying together if they are unlucky.

    This is why women are less sexually active than men.

    To avoid this worst investment failure, women want to know whether men love her and are going to have a family with her.

    Usually, people won't leave who love.

    What a woman wants is not to promise marriage when they meet for the first time. 

    However, in case that men simply want sex with women and leave her forever, women are sure to go through a very difficult phase if they become pregnant.

    A dark future awaits her and her child in which she conceives children with genes that are unlikely to be passed on to future generations, and she and her children fall into poverty. 

    (The human brain doesn't take into account the most recently invented contraceptive device.)

    Here are factors that make the situation more difficult for women.

    Women are under pressure from men to have sex.

    Men, of course, want a woman whom they are the only him to touch. At the same time, however, when all women refuse to have sex with men, they become extremely aggressive toward women.

    The male optimized reproductive strategy is programmed in this way.

    And we should not forget that women also have sexual desire.

    As a result, women behave in such a way that they don't want a sex-only relationship, even if they do have sex.

    With that in mind, if you are a heterosexual man who only wants sex, look for "masculine" women. Life is always diverse. In reproductive strategies, there are always women who do not have the natural characteristics. That is, there are some women who only want sex somewhere.

    If you are a man who wants a long-term relationship with a woman you have shared a bed with, but is frequently misunderstood by them, you should verbalize your wishes.

    Even if you are leaving them physically, you should let them know that your feelings are with her.

    If you are a woman, you should be relieved to know that many almost all women also have same character.

    Anthropologists and sociologists say the qualities of popular men from women are almost universal.

    A man who earns enough, a man who distributes his earnings to his wife and children, and a man of integrity.

  • 1 month ago

    Possibly because she was raped.

    If she wasn’t, it’s because she feels used and it’s like the man only sees her as a sex object and throws her aside when she’s not useful to him anymore. 

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  • 1 month ago

    Generally speaking, because they didn't agree to the terms ahead of time.

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