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Court or no? ?

My son is now two his father had been buy diapers and wipes and he would sometimes buy the formula if i needed more than what WIC had provided. However I had brought up the idea of agreeing to a support amount so that I would not have to wait on him to get it if it was something I really needed. Even if i had gone out and bought whatever my son needed already it was a reimbursement. My son is with me majority of the time. We were working on building up trust and good communication. His father has a history of dealing and I honestly to this day have no idea if he does still or not, also his lifestyle choices. I had also always felt bad for him because he really struggled financially. I dont anymore but I was providing more financially for him than he was for our son. Fast foward to today. He currently lives with a gf and her daughter and I would assume hes helping financially. He will help financially but whenever we aren't getting along he will stop. Hes always said he has more expenses than me so i dont need financial assistance. But in the same breathe.. if hes with me more then what would he be contributing if I pay for everything he needs aside from diapers. Also, whats excuse going to be when I do have more expenses. Im currently in school. I pay my mother 400$ in rent so im not just freeloading here. Im also just scared hes going to get someone else pregnant and then my son is going to get screwed over based off what I know about his character. Just tired of fighting. 

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    This is a legal issue.It is not mean or bad to the father to take him to court.

    They will help decide upon the best child support and visitation limits.

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    He decided (jointly) to bring a child into his/your family - even if he thought you were on contraception. Hence he must pay, whether he gets on with you or not. Take it to court would be my advice' he won't like it but your child's needs must come first. His expenses are his decision, not your son'e!

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