I keep getting same scores for all subjects within IELTS help ?

Guys I am serious something's wrong but not with me , I've done this test 3 times and the first time I know I wasn't well prepared and about to screw up in the exam and when I took the test I know I didn't do well so I got awful results(AT British Council) . The second time same scenario , didn't prepare for it well and got ( different results ) but still bad(At IDP IELTS) . Next, I've trained with all force for the last time (for a year) and my English already wasn't that bad as many Americans told me my English's fluent , however I didn't stop training and what I trained for is ,how can I manage my reading time using all the required methods that help me to solve it flawlessly including training my English speaking as I was speaking everyday in English till it became normal for me without any single challenge . Especially I've watched American & British movies and listening to songs for more than 10 years to be able to spot my mistakes when I speak until I was fully and well prepared based on the (IELTS Criteria) . So when I headed to the exam for the third damn time(At British Council) I've done amazing and I know I swear compared to the last 2 times , nevertheless I got the exact same results like the (first time exactly) , how on Earth ? are they doing this on purpose to get students impelled to take their courses just for money purposes? how? I swear I did great based on the (understanding) of the all subjects- I don't know how on Earth I got the same exact results ?

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  • Expat
    Lv 6
    1 month ago

    What was your score? I did my PhD in language testing and tests like IELTS and TOEFL are my specialty. There are 2 basic areas in these tests that are best to focus on when you’re close to achieving scores at or near the top of the scales: vocabulary and time management in the different specific parts of the test. I’m sorry I can’t be more specific for you than that without knowing specifically what part(s) of the test you’re not getting the results you expect. 

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