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Y'all there was this movie that I really liked I forgot, please read and helpp! ?

I don't even remember the main character's name but it was maybe something like Katie or Katherine or whatever, all I know that she was white and blonde. Anyways like the movie involved robots, doppelgangers too I believed. And there was also another dimension where the main character can travels to?? I'm pretty sure it was a 2 movies series kind of thing. It was super good but I saw it like 8 years ago and have no fcking idea what it's called now. My brother said the movie was Australian but I think it was American. I'm not sure. I only remember bits and bits of the movie. Also there were trains too idk if that helped but pls if anyone knows the movie or have a slightest idea please let me know

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    There was a movie called Millenium  (1989).....starring Kris Kristofferson,  about Plane crashes, and time travel, and  snatching bodies before the brink of death, and replacing them with dead corpses......and there were robots,  and time warps and other dimensions, and pretty much everything you mention. .....including the whiter than white blond chick, played by Cheryl Ladd as the babe from the future.

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