Chemical pregnancy or just very early HCG? ?

I've been TTC for only two months, this month my ovulation strips did their thing and I kept testing to get that gradience of it tapering off... Well here I am 9 days before my period and I kept noticing my ovulation strips weren't fading and so I was becoming confused because the month previous the gradience was light to super dark for two days and back to light. This time it got lighter maybe once or twice. I read an article online that mentioned it possibly meaning I was already pregnant and I remeber my husband telling me to take one just to clear my mind so on CD 17, I set a timer 5 minutes, went back to cooking supper and came back to a faint positive! Absolutely wasn't expecting it at all. But I am so confused because the timing doesn't make sense... How am I already showing HCG hormone? All I can think of is a chemical pregnancy.. I was taking a ovulation test morning and afternoon for gradience.. Any info or help is much appreciated I'm super eager to know anything.. Thank you all and please ignore my awful journal.

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  • 1 month ago

    3 days of HCG is it just super early ...?

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