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What is the difference between AKC and CKC? Is one registration better than the other? Why?

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    Each country has their own official kennel club registry for pedigree dogs the AKC is the USA official KC, the CKC is Canada's official KC, to show a dog in the country it has to be registered with an offical KC ...however America has a CKC (Continental Kennel Club) which is not a reputable KC , they register any mutt, so it is just a money making business and is also used to con new owners into thinking their dog is a breed standard

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    (c/p) AKC vs CKC

    The main difference between them is that the American Kennel Club registers purebred dogs only if the parents of the dog are AKC-registered. ... The AKC has registered 175 purebred dog pedigrees while the CKC recognizes about 450 breeds.Dec 17, 2017

    Difference between the AKC and the CKC - Difference.Gurudifference.guru › difference-between-the-akc-and-the-ckc

    Ckc registers anything, aka junk registry.

    I have had several so called pure breeds but they had so many problems, it was quite obvious that they come from BYBers & are just mutts.  Only reason I would register a dog is if it come from a reputable breeder that does all the pre breeding testing & gives guarantees of health, temperament, structure certified.  No reason to register a BYBed pure breed.  They are equal to mutts cause the breeder is only after PROFIT.  They don't practice proper breeding tactics.  No guarantees & you are stuck with what you got even if it is unhealthy, deformed, structure issues, no reason to register a dog with so many problems.  

    I had a grooming client that claimed her straight coated Poodle was AKC registered.  That dog could not be full Poodle with a straight coat.  Registration is only good for showing & proper breeding.

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    CKC if it stands for Canadian Kennel Club is a legit association like AKC.  If its Continental KC then its a fake, worthless registry that puppy mills and backyard breeders use to "register" their dogs.  AKC will NEVER accept CKC registrations unless is Canadian KC.

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    If you are asking about registering dogs in the USA, the CKC stands for the Continental Kennel club and it is worthless; only used by BYB and puppy mills.  If anyone has only CKC dogs - for sale => walk away!  (No, CKC dogs cannot (later) be registered with AKC.)  The joke is, that you could even register a PET ROCK with the CKC.  It is just a "paper mill".

    The AKC does try to maintain a legit registry and does conduct kennel inspections and it requires dogs who are frequently bred, to be micro-chipped & easily identifiable, upon a kennel inspection.

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    AKC is the American Kennel Club and CKC is the Canadian Kennel Club.  Both are reputable purebred dog registries, just in different Countries.  If you're referring to the Continental Kennel Club when referring to CKC, don't even bother with that registry at all.  It's not reputable at all and therefore often used by Backyard Breeders or puppies from pet shops because the pups CAN NOT be registered with the AKC or CKC if in Canada.

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    One is the American Kennel Club, the other the Canadian Kennel Club - both the official Kennel Clubs of their countries.   On the other hand the CKC could be the Continental KC which is not the official KC of Canada, or America.

    Obviously the official KCs are the best.

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    The AKC and CKC are simply the kennel clubs of two different countries

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    Canadian KC is basically Canada's version of AKC

    Continental KC is a scam registry for puppy mills and back yard breeders.

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