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is it possible that one can not be as affected by a certain planet due to it not having much power in your natal chart?

for example, I have noticed that Jupiter doesn't really have much affect on my mood or anything. I dont have my sun or moon in Sag. and i also only have one planet in Sag...neptune. so is this maybe why? or what else might be reason? JUPITER IS A HUGE PLANET...SO SHOULD BE POWERFUL?

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    TOTALLY possible.  Every chart is different and ghow our chart affects us is different for every individual.  

    More than that, astrology doens't control us. It is only an influence and we can outrgow and overcome that influence.

    Case in point:

    My first husband used to become very depressed when Transiting Saturn squared or went opposition to his natal Moon.

    I had no trouble with Saturn-Moon transits, but would capsize with Saturn-VENUS transits.  But that was when I was young. I have since learned how to work with my emotions and Saturb-Venus transits no longer bother me.

    Btw, the size of the planet does not appear to be a factor in the strength of its influence.

    Looking at a natal chart:

    In astrology, the strongest planets are usually, in this order (stong to weak):

    1.  Any planet which is the focal planet of a T-square configuration .. if there is such in the natal chart.

    2.  Any planet conjunct (within 8 degrees of) any of the 4 "angles" (the Ascendant, Nadir/IC, Descendant, or Midheaven/MC) ... if such occurs in the chart

    3. Any planet tht has a disproportionately-large number of aspects made to it by other planets .. if such occurs in the chart

    4.  Any planets in a Stellum, including the planet which rules the Sign that Stellium is in, if such occurs in the chart.

    5.  GENERALLY speaking, next in strength is whatever planet rules the Rising Sign/Ascendant

    6.  GENERALLY speaking, the Signs occurpied by the Sun and the Moon

    Looking transiting planets, the slower the planet moves, the stronger its psychological influence is on us.  

    The speed, going from slowest (most powerful influence) to fastest (weaker influnce is:

    Transiting Pluto, Neptune, Uranus, Saturn, Jupiter, Mars, Sun, Mercury & Venus, Mooon,.

    The slowest is Pluto .. its transiting influences can last 4 to 5 years.

    The fastest is Moon, whose transiting influence is about 8 hours.

    Jupiter transits generaly last about a month-and-a-half, unless Jupiter is making a Retrograde or Direct Station, in which case its movement slows down appreciably.

    Transits of Jupiter do not bring luck.  The open doors IF we notice opportunity and are working on it.  They can just as easily make us lazy, in which case nothing good happens BUT we are cheeful and relaxed. However, Transiting Jupiter square or opposition one of our planets CAN make us careless and therefore accident-prone (unless we consciously decide to pay more attention during that period of time).

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    >Astrologers didn’t have a clue of the size of each planet. Not until scientists came up with a way.<

    Still fighting facts with horrible English, eh?***************************************************************************Astronomy is the step child of astrology.  The stargazers as far back as the Babylonians knew the sizes of the planets and their orbits long before the useless "science" of astronomy existed. Someday after spending billions of other people's money they'll tell us how old the universe is.  I can't wait. Here's the issue:  modern astrologers, i.e. those who practiced after Alan Leo, relate everything in the natal chart to the individual, causing those who don't know better to believe every planet in their chart is all about them.  Well we are in the age of narcissism, so that's understandable. However as you noted, you don't seem to exhibit whatever it is you were told you should exhibit because of Jupiter's place in your chart.  Jupiter's size is irrelevant. However for some 2000 years prior to Alan Leo the ASC, it's ruler, and aspects to both told the astrologer everything he needed to know about the native and the rest of the chart was used to reveal other things. This is probably the case with you and "your" Jupiter. The other possibility is that despite being linked to the ASC or its ruler, Jupiter is in 12 or 8 and that stifles whatever it is that Jupiter represents in your chart.  Everything is not all about you either in astrology or anything else. Jupiter's size relates to its symbolism, not it's "influence." Jupiter is the largest planet in the solar system, so it is associated with expansion.  Jupiter is the Roman or Latin word for the Greek god Zeus, the king of the gods, sort of.  Jupiter is associated with nobility, success (which is an emerging or an expanding thing) and generosity.  What do we say about a generous man?  We say he is "big." Tiny Mercury on the ASC or MC is going to have far more impact or noticeable impact on the native than Jupiter in the 12th or 8th or even 6th. In astrology, size doesn't matter.

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    You’re almost asked a science question. 

    In astrology, size and distance mean nothing. Physics mean nothing. It was a waste to educate our children with math and science. Mythology and magic benefits mankind.

    Astrologers didn’t have a clue of the size of each planet. Not until scientists came up with a way. There’s no power rankings for any of the actual planets because its all made up. Charts aren’t showing real planets against the true constellation background.

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