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Can someone please help me with my math homework?

I am having a hard time solving this. Please help. This is due in two days.


I. Sampling Distributions:

To get an idea of what is going on when you are talking about a

sampling distribution, consider a population of 5 test scores from a

small class. The test scores are {100, 95, 90, 85, 80}. Let us obtain

samples of size 2 from this population with replacement. In other

words, after you select the first test score, you put it back for selection

again. Sampling with replacement from a small population is similar to

sampling from a large population.

1. List all 25 possible samples. For example, (80,80) and (80,85) are

two of the 25 samples possible. Note that I am writing the

selected scores in parentheses separated by a comma.

2. Now, give each of the 25 x bars associated with the samples


3. Now compute the mean of the sample means. In other words,

what is mu sub x bar?

4. What is the mean of the population?

5. What is the standard deviation of the sample means from (2)

above? You should use Microsoft Excel to answer this question.

Please remember to calculate the population standard deviation

since the 25 x bars represents all of our sample means.

6. What is the population standard deviation of the original

population? Use Excel to calculate this as well.

7. Take the standard deviation found in (6) and divide by square

root of 2. What do you obtain? Please comment on why this is not

a surprise.

That is all there is. This is pasted from Word.

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