What are the highest quality car brands ranked from highest quality to lowest?

And what percentage of them are German and Japanese? What percentage are American? What percentage are Korean?

1 Answer

  • Anonymous
    1 month ago

    okay let's get one thing straight, all of the countries that produce most of the vehicles, such as japan, south korea, india, germany, and the usa, ALL of those countries are controlled by jews. you might be too stupid to realize it but ALL of those countries are modern day slave plantations run by jews. that means they DO NOT actually try to build the highest quality vehicles they can possibly build, they just build vehicles that are good enough to get to 150-300k miles usually. planned obsolescence and whatnot. they make more money by NOT making vehicles last too long, and by making certain parts unavailable after about 15 years. toyota is arguably one of the more reliable brands, but their newer cars are actually not as durable as some of their older cars, because they're not really trying to design them to be ultra-long lasting, even though they could. 


    as for ranking brands, forget that. they're all equally mediocre in terms of reliability, maybe with certain toyotas and hondas and hyundais lasting a bit longer than american built cars (which are probably the worst) 

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