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Okay so i recntly got my piano keyboard put from  the attic cuz I felt like it. I’ve started off with some easy songs off of YouTube (I don’t get piano lessons or anything I’m a noob) and I literally cannot play them. I can do the melody, I can do the backing chords/ notes, but I can’t put them together.

In a piece I’m trying to learn, the backing notes are just a single note repeated over and over while a melody goes on top. Pretty sure the time signature is 4/4 but anyway. I can’t seem to be able to play the two together since obviously they both have different sequences. So basically when I do try to play them together I play the backing notes in the same sequence as the melody. I’m not sure if that makes sense to whoever is reading but basically I think I might have some sort of issue which doesn’t allow me to do this.

My hands can’t do separate sequences so I can’t play the song properly.

Essentially the question here is:

Is this normal for a beginner? Am I doing something wrong? Is there something wrong with me lmao?

Thanks if you took the time to read this lol


Aha sorry for the epic spelling mistakes :)))

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    That is normal for people that try to learn without a teacher.

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    Far and away, the hardest part of learning to play the piano with both hands, is that the parts are independent - and so far, you hands (eyes, brain) are not.  Without a REAL teacher - degreed, certified, experienced - you will just plain NEVER get past this.  My husband and I hold multiple undergrad and grade degrees in music, and have almost 100 years aggregate professional teaching and concert experience.  add out adult son and his wife - same advanced educations, they have been full-time professionals like us for 18 years each.  No, you CANNOT learn this from some rando on YouTube or Pinterest.  For the last several THOUSAND years, music performance has been taught one-on-one, from expert teacher to student.  Anybody who tells you otherwise is lying to themselves AND you  I read a couple of *teaching* things from some rando on Pinterest today - all he did was put down traditional education, and say that HE had a super-quick and easy way to teach you ANYTHING.  He want to you put little colored stickers on the piano for EVERY song you play, and they just whang away at the colored dots, like a robot, and try to pick out the melody at the same time.  It gets worse - this guy s a JERK - and there are thousands like him our there.  Get yourself some lessons, or just sell the keyboard.  Spare yourself several weeks/months of continued frustration, and save US from having to hear it all.

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