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What would I have to do to get a job as a Software Engineer?

-I have a B.S. in Computer Science.

-I was a pretty average student in college. I got mostly B's in everything

-I've been out of college for about 2 years. I have a job as an Application Support Analyst

-I don't really have any work experience related to coding besides using SQL queries 

-I've been interviewed for I'd say about 100 Entry Level Software Developer positions and have never received an offer.

-My coding skills are somewhat poor. For example, on, I probably wouldn't be able to answer any questions that are Medium difficulty or harder. I can look up the solution and understand it, but I wouldn't be able to come up with it.

Is it about just practicing on my own, building my own projects, getting work experience somehow, getting a Master's, or something else?

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    Most students who start a computer science degree end up dropping out or changing to an easier major.  So the fact that you completed your program is a significant accomplishment.  As you know, computer science programs don’t really teach you how to code. You need to learn that on your own or through internships.

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    If you want to learn, starting from the easiest level at a practice site and working your way up is a better idea than worrying about things you can't solve yet.

    I wasn't impressed with LeetCode for that purpose, by the way.  HackerRank, CodinGame and GeeksForGeeks all tend to have better problem descriptions and diagnostics when something goes wrong than the few examples I saw at LeetCode.  That may be just me, though.  Find something that you can have some fun with and get some practice in. 

    The problems that you find hard (or impossible) will ultimately be your best guide to what you need to work on, but I wouldn't recommend  that until you have some practice at seeing a problem and visualizing a solution in code.  Block out some daily time for coding, and keep to the schedule as best you can.  As you go along, pay attention to your progress, certainly, but also to how you feel.  Because...

    The thing I find odd, though, is that you made it through 4 years of higher education in the field and haven't picked this up before.  If someone has to tell you to put in an hour or two per day coding for fun (I hope) and self-improvement, then what's life going to be like when that's 8 hours per day with someone else deciding what you work on?

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    You're aiming for a coding position, so a master's won't help. You might try a community college course on becoming a server administrator.

  • EddieJ
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    1 month ago

    You have a job as an Application Support Analyst.

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