Why are people calling the shooting of the black couple in Illinois racist when the officer that shot them was Hispanic?

They were stopped because they fled a previous traffic stop so the situation was already tense, people that run tend to be armed, and they started to drive in reverse. The officer may have not had the right to open fire but it's not an easy job and the situation was escalated by them trying to flee the scene a second time. So in what way was this racist? It seems to me that these people keep dying because they have a hard time grasping laws and that you DON'T RESIST OR TRY TO FLEE FROM THE COPS! How dumb can you get? I'm supposed to feel bad because criminals get shot? Stop breaking the law, comply with the police, and they won't be forced to shoot you. It's THAT easy. Every single example given about police wrongfully killing black people always has that sad fact that they were breaking the law and resisting arrest when they were killed. George Floyd, police were called on him for using a counterfeit $20 bill and he acted like a complete maniac due to the ILLEGAL hard drugs in his system that eventually caused his death. He earned his fate. Trayvon Martin, literally hunted George back down to fight him, earned his death. Every single story, same theme, earned death. This couple, boyfriend earned his death. Periodt


@StephenWeinstein, a white guy would be shot in that situation too, nice try. Also, get your facts straight, police knocked on the noknock warrant that was served and Breonna was shot while she was wide awake, standing in the hallway. So you're spreading false information. Police announced and she was involved with drug dealers, another earned death.

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    SURELY you know by now that the Liberal media will call every incident involving criminal African Americans a "racist incident". African Americans are not expected to obey the law according to the bigotry of low expectations.

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    " people that run tend to be armed"  - That isn't true.  The problem with your logic is that we have repeated examples of people complying with police and STILL getting shot.  George Floyd did not act like a maniac.  Trayvon Martin did not follow George Zimmerman.  You are obviously trolling, but you ought to get a little better at it.

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    The simple reality is we send mere mortals to deal with the worst of society and it's not going to be pretty. If it was all teddy bears and rainbows then we would just handle it ourselves with all of our better judgement. 

    Truth is most of us would shoot much sooner than a cop. My instincts are to not risk myself in any way. Fear drives many of us. Detroit Michigan suffered a reduction of police due to its economy failing. Self defence shootings were eventually more common than criminal shootings! Less cops=dead criminals.

    The car could have reversed by accident due to the driver's adrenalin from drugs and running from the police. What a bummer that would be. What is not undeniable is the driver created this tense situation and the consiquences. Now the cop has to think about this for the rest of his life. 

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    If a white person doing the same thing wouldn't have been shot, then it is racist.

    And even if you don't resist or try to flee, sometimes you get shot anyway, as happened to Breonna Taylor.

    She wasn't doing anything wrong; she wasn't even awake.  She was killed in her sleep.

    Not every example has them breaking the law, resisting arrest, or doing anything.

    Even more shockingly, it turned out that her boyfriend wasn't either, because they hadn't tried to arrest him and were acting like burglars, so it was legal for him to shoot them in self-defense.

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