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Cleaning chemicals?

I am pregnant and I have to clean my bathroom later. It’s really so I really have to deep clean . I’m worried about the fumes I have a fan and a window but I’m still a little worried about things like bleach because they smell really strong. Can I maybe wear a respirator mask. 

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    In your condition, I wouldn't use any 'cleaners'. I have had times when I couldn't breathe because of the cleaning agents' fumes. Definitely something NOT to do while you're pregnant! There are 'pressure' hoses on the market, that aren't too expensive. They use water under enormous pressure that just melts the dirt/scum away - with no chemicals affecting you. They actually highlight that in the ads. 

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    Don’t use bleach.  There are other products that clean with the smell of bleach.  

    Bleach water should be 1/3 cup of bleach per one gallon of water.  

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    Bleach is fine to use in the bathroom.Make sure it is dilluted well .Bleach is a fine cleaner and will not effect your fetus. Just don't drink the stuff. Other cleaners are good as well. 

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    Yes, you can wear a respirator, but there are cleaners and disinfectants available that do not smell like bleach that would be much safer for you to use.

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    It really isn't necessary or wise to use bleach over surfaces. An ordinary trigger spray bathroom cleaner will work just as well. Bleach is toxic and if it is used in quantity over large areas the fumes can quickly overcome you. A mask will not help as the gas will pass through it. Bathroom cleaner will kills all bacteria effectively without any risk. Although it will still pay to open a window.

    Source(s): Diploma in Cleaning Science (UK).
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