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How would I go about solving for POH with the given information?

 At 40°C, Kw = 2.92x10^-14. If I add 0.100 mol of NaOH to neutral water at 40°C, what is the POH?

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    If you add 0.100 mol NaOH to 1 L of water, you will end up with the same molarity at 40C as you would at 25C. The different Kw and temperature won't matter, as the add OH- overwhelms the slightly different initial [OH-]. 

    [OH-] = 0.100 M 

    pOH = 1.00

    Now, the pH will be slightly different at this temperature, because pKw = 13.53, and pH = 13.53 - 1.00 = 12.53

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    The pOH of the solution depends on the volume of solution made. However, the volume of the solution is unknown.

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