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All of you who are ignoring lockdown measures and not wearing masks are wreckless ?

stop putting other peoples lives at risk.

we have a PANDEMIC going on - people are DYING can't you see this ?  you want to endanger everyones lives?  why not just OD on something and be done with it, don't try to endanger our lives with your selfish wreckless ways.

you have no right to be outside if you are not wearing masks.

wreckless absolutely wreckless. selfish idiots.

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  • L
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    4 weeks ago

    The sky is falling, Chicken Little, the sky is falling!  Doctors have proven lockdowns are a HUGE mistake.  As for you're sick - stay home.  If you're NOT sick - FRESH AIR is VITAL for Immune Health.

  • Foofa
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    1 month ago

    I agree to a certain extent. But one solitary being died of COVID-19 last week in my county of 10M and we're now being told the schools will be closed until at least the 2021-2022 academic year. Some places aren't being strict enough on this while others are being outright insane. 

  • Aruba
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    1 month ago

    Where I live in PA we are not on lock down, we are recommended to wear a mask but not mandatory. (I thought it was mandatory, I was shopping and I saw several people mask less asked the store manager, they said oh Gov. Tom Wolf said you don't need to but it is recommended.) But I always wear it for safety, and then I get dirty looks from others that aren't wearing them.

  • 1 month ago

    Please don't feed the troll.                   

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  • 1 month ago

    What YOU refuse to see is that if masks were 10th as effective as those mandating them claim, my not wearing a mask wouldn't put anyone other than me at risk.

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