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Do people who have plenty of free time and money tend to more?

If people didn't need to care about building a career and had all their necessities (food, housing, security) covered, could we expect them to start producing more children? I see Japan as the counterexample of this, and it is having a population crisis, but places like Scandinavia, which seem to me like perfect places to settle down and have plenty of kids don't seem to be undergoing a population boom either.


I beg to differ. There is plenty of land in Europe. More then enough to feed a considerably greater population. Russia alone is a huge exporter of grain and it is using a small percentage of its arable land. 

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    Nobody needs a population-boom. There are more than enough humans on this planet already

    People who have more than two children often do so because of lack of access to contraceptives or lack of social security - and sometimes because demagogues tell or even pay them to

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