Need help with Xfinity self install?

So we recently decided to switch our internet provider from RCN to Xfinity. opted for self-install because we don't want to pay $60 to have someone else do it. So we plug the router into the cable line and all the lights are on EXPECT the online light. even after sitting an hour it won't come on and the setup app keeps saying it can't find the gateway.

I know its not the outlet as the other router from RCN works just fine plugged into it. Tired using the RCN cable instead of the Xfinity one and still no luck.after trying and failing we plugged the old router back in and again it works just fine. Anyone have any idea what the issue with the xfinity one is? Or other troubleshooting ideas? this is the only cable outlet in the apartment. 

2 Answers

  • 1 month ago

    Xfinity gave you instruction how to do self install.Or call Xfinity Customer Service.Usually the give a help.

  • 1 month ago

    Ok, let's take this one at a time.  A 'Router' needs a modem.  IF Comcast sent you a router and modem in one unit, then that is what you have plugged in. If there are two units, they must be hooked up Internet Service to Modem to router.   Ok, so now you must call the Comcast service line and tell them you have the modem in place. They will send a signal to authorize it.  This is to keep people from using their equipment when they are not authorized to do so. 

    So, step one, take a picture of the label with the MAC address, Serial Number etc on it so you have that handy.  THEN,  plug in the Comcast modem/router and then call Comcast.  They will send a code to the modem to get it running.  If not, they will know what to do.  

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