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Guy bites my ear when he kisses me, what does it mean? ?

Is this just a sexual act or does he like me?

He also kisses me on the back of my neck and because I liked that he kept doing It 

And he even just blew aiR on the back of my neck because I liked it and it was tickilish 

We have had sex before but I want a relationship 

And he knows this

Does this guy like me or are these just purely sexual acts that any guy would do in bed? 

See, I’m not experienced with these things. He is my first and we only had sex a few times and so far he didn’t do any of that 

This Time around I felt it was more passionate and intense like the wanting to rip each other’s clothes kind 

We also rubbed our bodies against each other with our clothes on and I was moanjng so much that I cummedddd from it and he was really happy when I did 

And he also fingered me too and was kissing me while he was fingering me 

Soz foR all the details are These just sexual acts or how do you know there is some feelings behind it? (Aside from talking to him and asking ofc) 

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    Sexual acts to turn you on

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