Is God bound by human logic? ?

God can only do what is logically possible and can’t do what’s logically impossible. Necessarily existence is nonsense as far as we know and one has demonstrated evidence that such a God could exist and specifically the God of the bible, Yahweh. Unless someone demonstrates evidence that an all powerful, all knowing mind can exist outside of space and time, atheists are completely justified in not rendering belief. 

Also about God being all loving and all merciful, how can he be such if would send someone who didn’t believe in the divinity of christ or if they were atheist to hell or erase them from existence for all of time and then he can forgive a murderer or a rapist that sincerely repents on their death row bed hoping that he will live next to Jesus. Lots of death row offenders mention God or Jesus in their last statement so much for the claim that “atheists don’t do wrong because they know they will be punished” and furthermore why would God bring a murderer or a rapist into existence knowing that will commit their future crimes if he is all knowing? William Lane Craig said that the problem of evil has a component of “a higher purpose by God that we don’t know of” but this is a pitiful excuse for violence and wrongdoing because if God is all powerful why didn’t he create a world that was all peaceful and good? Or if God allows people to suffer and he is all loving, then he is complicit in feeling their pain and can do nothing about it. 


Hahahahaha Ausie you are such a silly person thinking that God gets a free pass from human logic just because he necessarily exists outside of space and time implying that you think that he has existed forever before logic was ever invented. Necessarily existence is as much of an asinine idea for the very same reasons we believe solipsism to be asinine. Any logically incoherent God that violates logic can be dismissed outright as imaginary. 

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    YOu make a common mistake, separating logic from the being of God as if it preceded God, a meta-God, but in my experience people like you haven't the wits to see what I am saying, 

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    No one and nothing is bound by human logic

    except for logic itself

    and the (human) fields of intellectual endeavor that *mandate* that logic be employed.

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    Have you ever had a dream?  Do the laws of physics and logic apply?  Then why do you think the laws of reality always apply?

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    You have to get away from the notion that an all powerful God is a being or a mind. When you do that you place natural limits or go into the realm of fantasy.

    Think of a Force, with laws. There is no logic to a Force. Consider gravity with a law we understand the consequences of. If we jump from a height, we fall. 

    This Force we call God created everything. Natural laws are in play. We don't always see the consequences but the laws of integrality and connection are very active in the natural world. Humans have ignored theses natural laws and thought they were above these laws...but we're not. 

    Covid has been the first global blow that has stopped the world. Nature is sending us all a message that we must become integrated and connected between each other; above our differences.  Global events are occurring as well but we haven't connected the dots.

    We must connect or the blows we suffer will increase until we do. 

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  • 1 month ago

    Answered in Romans 11:33-36.

  • 1 month ago

     Yes since gods are of human creatioin

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    1 month ago

    The Abrahamic religions are based on the childish stories of the Bible, meant for ignorant, superstitious people.  Unfortunately, a large number of those same gullible people still exist today.

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    1 month ago

    Adam and Eve were the ones who committed the first (Original) sin and were kicked out of paradise. 

    Start from there.

  • Jeff
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    1 month ago

    No - but mostly because there is no god, dummy!

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