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how can service economy survive when thatchers greedy landlords have left rental generation and min wage workers with no disposable income?

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    Millions of people have no disposable income left after meeting their essential monthly payments. Lower wages were supposed to be countered by taxation providing necessary public services and benefits. Government broke that social contract and threw the poor into even greater austerity. Millions voted repeatedly for exactly that too, when they could or should have walked away.

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    What's coming in the future months will destroy landlordism, they are about to create big homelessness and the public will want a backlash

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    what i want to know is why the middle class people who have lost their jobs in this country are saying they are broke and need to sell their home. 


    uk needs a huge overhaul. we need to build more 3 bedroom houses with big gardens and garages, cycle lanes across the country, top quality schools and medical services, more green spaces in cities, i want to see more independent stores and not chains everywhere and we should import from around the world instead of china and buy fair trade and better quality products, cut immigration, reduce benefits, make sure that CEOs in public sector jobs and charities are not getting paid more than £40,000 a year, reduce pollution and waste across the country by 40%, invest in public transport but make it affordable, try and get people to find jobs closer to their homes so they can walk or cycle instead of taking public transport or car. 

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