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Is it true that the earth and other planets came from stardust?


Spiritually speaking of course.

Update 2:

Ghost - Dust that came from supernovae.

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    The theory is sound.

    For the life of me, I can't remember the NAME of the theory

    but the idea is that all heavier elements that occur in nature

    are produced by fusion in stars

    (there is nothing else known that naturally produces these elements).

    When said stars explode (i.e. super nova)

    it scatters these elements throughout space.

    Over billions of years

    these elements travel huge distances.

    There is considerable evidence supporting the theory.

    Most especially: stellar spectroscopy, which informs us that the farthest (oldest) stars ***possess very little or none these heavier elements***, and (in general) newer stars possess significantly MORE of the heavier elements than do older stars.

    The idea: because the heavier elements were spread out by older stars going super nova, and over time more and more of those heavier elements ended up in new stars when they were forming.

    Now: that doesn't mean that ALL of the matter that makes up Earth is from stars.

    But: it does seem likely that at least SOME of the matter that makes up Earth

    in fact: a pretty significant percentage of that matter

    was originally part of long-dead stars, stars that exploded billions of years ago.

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    Absolutely.  But Earth has had a complicated past, swinging near the sun and far away to develop the ideal conditions we have now.

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    Technically yes.  The dust and gas that became our solar system was seeded with heavy elements like gold and iron in the cores of stars that ejected the material into space when the stars died.

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    Heavy elements are only made in very large dying stars. That's everything above helium. As the star dies heavier and heavier elements are made, until it explodes and spreads these elements out to make new stars and planets, and in our case plants and animals. 

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    highly possibly

  • Current thinking is that our solar system came from interstellar gas and dust which accumulated under its own gravitation.  Whether you question is true depends on what you mean by stardust.

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