How would WW2 soldiers compare to today?

Hypothetical scenario

1,000 German soldiers randomly selected from German ground forces who invaded France in 1940

versus1,000 US soldiers randomly selected from the 2003 Iraq invading ground forcesBoth sides armed with assault rifles from the 70s (neutral familiarity). One scenario is in an urban environment and another in a rural environment. Who wins and by how much?

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  • 1 month ago

    One of the big failings of the WW II German Army was it was all from the top down.    Each officer did not tell those under them anything that they did not need to know.    So a Lt would tell his troops they had to get to a bridge by a certain time but would NOT tell them what they were suppose to do when they got there.  So if the LT got killed the troops would get to the bridge and wait for further orders.    If someone fell in combat the next ranking person did NOT assume command,  they waited for command to send someone down to take command.   Contrast that with all the other armies where you would brief everyone on what to do and if people died on the way,  the next ranking person would take over and because they all knew the mission,  the mission got completed more often.   So they would know when they got to the bridge what it was they were suppose to do,  blow it up or guard it.      So your historical German troops would be no better today than they were then as they never got the big picture of what to do . 

  • Anonymous
    1 month ago

    2003 is not "today." There are Americans today getting into their cars and driving to their online hookups to get laid who weren't even born yet in 2003. 

    That said, since the German forces that staged the massive ground invasion of France were standard infantry, many of whom weren't volunteers but were drafted, and since the American portion of Coalition Forces that staged the much less massive ground invasion of Iraq were America's most elite and most highly trained Marines, many of them even Special Forces, none of whom were drafted but to the contrary all of whom were extremely desirous and motivated to fight or else they'd never have made it into that invasion force, that alone would make the American forces much stronger. Add to that mass famine in post WWI Germany that continued up into the 1930s with the Great Depression led to German adult males' growth being stunted by 5 to 6 inches, the average height of German men reaching only 5' 5", unlike the unstunted average German male height of almost 6' that has been realized since then. So the American forces, aside from being all volunteer, better trained, and more elite, would also not have suffered from a lifetime of malnourishment nor be stunted in growth like the German forces, meaning the American forces from 2003 would be significantly taller and stronger and have more significantly more physical stamina than the German forces from 1940-- in addition to being all volunteer, stronger willed, and much more highly trained. 

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