Why do some Europeans support mass immigration from Muslim nations?

Muslims in large numbers are a threat to any non-Muslim country. A lot of countries have succumbed to Islamic invasion in medieval period, now it seems like Western and Northern Europe has succumbed to Islamic colonization. We Indians Hindus were brutally massacred and colonized by Muslim invaders, I won't forget that event. 


Inspite of rising Islamic extremism in Europe, some people like Angela Merkel and @Magui still support mass immigration. I appreciate the leaders of Poland and Hungary for not accepting Muslim rapefugees.


@Zirp : Poland and Hungary don't want to destroy their culture and identity like Sweden. Accepting a lot of rapefugees will increase rapes in Poland. A lot of European countries are not in a position to accept a lot of refugees.

Update 2:

@Zirp : You can ask any Indian that how Islam destroyed India. Do you want Europeans to make the same mistake like what Indians did?

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    1 month ago
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    They have insane and dumb liberal leaders, e.g. Teresa May, Angela Merkle, Justin Trudeau (of Canada), etc. Zirp, one must ban barbaric cults whose holy book the Quran tells them to convert everyone on Earth and kill people who refuse to convert. Muslims use people's tolerance against them. Yes, there is a connection between number of Muslims and terrorism in any nation. Every nation should drop out of the EU if it supports invaders who want to take over the world. Japan, Hungary, Poland and Austria ban Muslims, as is wise. Sweden is driving out Muslims, and so are Italy and Finland. The UN has also been taken over by barbarians, so all nations should drop out of it. 

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    Europeans from WESTERN Europe should pay the price for bombing their countries

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    The problem is with fundamentalists and extremists. Every major religion preaches the same Golden Rule.

    They all basically say, don't do to others what you hate.

    Crimes committed must be prosecuted  through the legal system.

    God has tasked us to love his creations because in loving them we show that we love Him.

  • Magui
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    1 month ago

    There's no mass immigration to Europe.

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  • Zirp
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    1 month ago

    Nobody supports mass immigration.

    What they support is freedom of movement, and not discriminating by religion.

    There is no direct connection between the amount of muslims in a country in general and the number of violent fundamentalists there.

    If Hungary and Poland want to be full members of the EU, they have to accept their fair share of refugees.

  • Anonymous
    1 month ago

    Sweden has realized it's mistakes and stop accepting immigration.

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