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Can you answer this confusing situation for best answer?

A guy was heavily flirting for like a yr, being really obvious staring at me and my body in a really sexual way, showing up where I was and trying to talk. It stopped a few months ago when i told him off because hes married. I basically said "ok, enough it makes me uncomfortable so stop staring." I'm shy so I hoped he would stop. Around the time i confronted him, he started acting embarrassed and depressed and would change his routine to avoid being near me. Then I noticed his shy work friend who I've spoken to a few times, he started talking to him more and they would show up together. So it looked like they were talking about me because his shy friend started paying attention to me. Whenever the friend saw me he got nervous, his face looked shocked and he kind of shuffled around with his feet. He watched me but he is very sly and only looked when he thought I couldn't see. Hes always staring at my face when I walk past him and listening in when I talk to others but slowly backs away uncomfortably if I briefly speak to him. Over the 6 month lock down, the shy friend started appearing in the background of my dreams which is weird, I don't know if it's relevant but i never thought about him. Since we went back, the shy guy has a whole new look. He cut his hair really stylishly and grew his beard and just looks like a different person. He still watches me and his obvious friend from before has gone somewhere else. Is he watching me for his friend? Does this shy guy like me?


I'm single and mid 20s and he's a few years older. So I wonder if the shy one likes me because I'm shy and he hasn't done anything disgusting to offend me.

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    You are overanalytical and think people do things in complex ways. I can tell you that the vast majority of men are direct. They don't have the innuendo and obscure hints. Whomever is married is off-limits. You only find out about people by communicating directly and not waiting for hints and signs. You are not outgoing enough. People date, meeting in social settings of sharing meals and entertainment. If you are interested in someone, let them know it. You expect men to think like women. They don't. You have not stated your age, even approximately. If asking a guy out on a dinner date, which is allowed now in Western modern societies, is not within your capability, do it as a simple beverages after work. I assume this is all at a place of employment. "Would you like to meet after work for a cup of coffee?" You know by his answer. Western societies meet for alcoholic beverages at bars and lounges. That is one purpose of them. All of what you wrote cannot answer the questions at the end because that is not how life is. Business and school environments are different from social settings.     

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    Oh lord get a life

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    Your dreams are because you are so obsessed with this situation.  I just wonder where your husband figures in all this flirting and staring etc.  You imply that you don't like this attention - first from the creepy one who was upfront and later from his creepier friend who isn't upfront.  Why are you even bothering about it?  Why do you want to know if the shy guy likes you?  What does it matter if he does or doesn't?  Just tell your husband you're getting unwanted attention and bring him to work with you so shy guy gets the message without any words at all.  I also wonder why you didn't do this with the first Mr.Creepy.  You allowed him to 'insult' you for a whole year with his unwanted attention and then reluctantly dragged the fact of a husband-in-the-background into the mix which stopped him in his tracks.

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