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I hate overnight guests. Is that normal? ?

I like to have people over; always have. No problems. However, I really hate overnight guests. My husband’s friend just, out of the blue, invited himself...”I want to come stay at your house.” And I know my husband would like to hang out with the guy. Fine. But he lives an hour away, why does he have to sleep over? I don’t even invite my own friends to sleep over. Three or four times a year, people do stay over, and I just let it go, especially since They are his friends. But I don’t know this guy, I’m really not happy about it. Am I overreacting? 


Thanks for the answers. If I could, I’d choose two best answers, but I can’t. So I went with the first one. Thanks. 

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    You deal with it, until he is gone, and sit your husband down, and tell him how you feel. If it really makes you unhappy, tell your husband if it happens again, you are going to a high class hotel, and he is going to pay for it, the entire time his friend is there.

    Time to get rid of all guest rooms, no more extra beds. Move to a one bedroom condo? a home office, a library. A babies room with just a crib. lol

    If anyone stays, make their stay a unhappy one. Make it that they do not want to stay. Give his friend a cold shoulder, make your husband feed him, cater to him. You take care of yourself,leave the house a mess, and let your husband fend for himself and his friend.

    Its drastic, but if its the only way to get through to your husband do it. Or threaten to do it.

    I use to visit family, they were two hours away, I never stayed at their home, even in bad weather. I hate to be a guest in anyone's home. I want to do my things, and I do not like to put people out. Id stay at a hotel first, or go home. I will not even stay more than a few hours. I do not like to get to the point of anyone wanting me to leave.

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    thats what marriage is I guess. Don't have to like it and dont have to entertain him. Just do your own thing.

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    Overreacting? No. Making it all up? Yes. 

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