Should academia be hidden in order to pacify the general consensus of the majority?

This is a hypothetical scenario question.

It is based upon real life experiences i have encountered on many platforms on the internet.

As a person that is interested in history, i have a willingness to look at anything and everything from an academic point of view.

I am neither offended nor insulted by others opinions, and i always think it is great when others express an interest in a subject, regardless of their opinion.

However, what saddens me, is the new growing "report button culture", and the way it is used, or, misused.

It is definitely a recent phenomena, and is probably due to media campaigns combating misinformation and disinformation on the internet.

However, i believe there is a dangerous side to this.

Let's face it, the overwhelming vast majority of social media users, make up the general consensus, but are in fact not typically an educated group.

So, the hypothetical scenario is this:

From an academic perspective, i wish to discuss whether or not the Sumerian fertile plain in Iraq named Gu-Edin, is the same fertile plain that was referred to as the garden of eden in the bible.

However, the question has been reported.

Likely by a religious person, or, person(s), that believe that this question should not be allowed as it is offensive to those that believe in what is written in the bible.

It may also be reported by non believers in the bible, that believe this question to be yet more religious nonsense.


However, is it correct that the historically correct and academical debate should be silenced, or deemed offensive?

Why is a historian that believes whatever he/she believes regards to Gu-Edin, any more or less offensive than what anyone else believes about Gu-Edin, or garden of Eden?

Update 2:

And yes, on multiple platforms, the academica subject regards to Gu-Edin, has been removed.

Complete with it's wikipedia link, and it's reputable historians.

So, should the subject of Gu-Edin be removed from the internet in order to pacify the beliefs of the majority?

Update 3:

In fact, should any type of academia be removed from the internet, in order to pacify the majority, regardless of what it is about?

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