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Are there any hot air balloon cruises?

I have travelled on ocean cruises by ocean liners. These ocean liners can take a few hundred passengers on a cruise and then return to port about a few weeks later.

Are there cruises but using hot air balloons instead? That is to say, you book on a cruise flight on a hot air balloon and you spent about a week on the hot air balloon before you return from the holiday. It can complement ship cruises in the sea.


It can fly across the USA with passengers sightseeing from the air instead of having them being taken by tourist guides for a tour from ground level.

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    Yes, but the equivalent of an ocean-liner cruise would be on a very large hot air balloon, which is called a "blimp" or "zeppelin," "hot air balloon" generally referring to a vehicle so small that you'd be spending your week or two in a small, unsheltered basket not even remotely resembling luxurious, an experience that would be more of an enormously arduous test of endurance than a fun vacation.  

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    No, there are hot air balloon rides you can take but no zepplins any more.

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    There are no such cruises. Many companies provide balloon trips for an hour or more to see the countryside or as part of a safari, but there are no cruises.

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