Are there a lot of ignorant people in America?

Now, first, before you Americans get upset and jump on me, I'm saying I'm from overseas and would love to immigrate to USA in a heartbeat. I really believe my personality and ambitions fits in with the culture there.

That said, I hear a lot of people say that Americans are overweight, beer swilling, t-shirt and baseball cap adorning, ignorant people. I also hear America has a bad drug and alcohol problem. 

Now I'm a bit afraid. Is it safe and OK to live in America in this day and age? Or are there a lot of scary, unstable, classless Americans there?

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  • 1 month ago
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    A lot? Yes, a lot. Just like there a lot of dysfunctional, backwards, primitive people anywhere else. As for safety, it's as safe as you make it and as cultural as you seek it out. If you're easily frightened by this kind of thing however, perhaps it would be better for you to stay wherever you are even though you feel your ambitions and personality fit in with American culture. We have enough people to deal with as it is, we really don't need people who aren't sure they want to be here. 

  • Anonymous
    1 month ago

    Being that America has 328 million people and being that 40% of Americans approve of Trump, that means that America has 131 million ignorant people, which, despite "a lot" being a subjective term, is certainly considered "a lot" by anyone's standard-- well, by anyone's standard who isn't ignorant.

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