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Can a probation officer file charges on you if they find out that you violated probation after you completed probation?

I was charged and convicted for making death threats towards my ex a few years ago. During the time I was on probation I drove to phoenix from austin multiples to see my current girlfriend who I met online. The probation officer, she had no idea that i left texas multiple times over the course of the year. If she found out that I violated probation conditions after I completed after, Can she file charges of violating probation after I've finished probation ?? I finished my probation 4 months ago.

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    It is literally IMPOSSIBLE to violate probation after you have completed probation. Once you have completed your probation, you are not subject to the terms of probation.

    That said, until the court has given you a physical piece of paper stating you have completed probation, you HAVE NOT completed probation.

    Note: If you violated probation while you were on probation, you DID NOT complete probation, regardless of what paperwork you have.

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    She doesn't "file charges."  She can however, report this to the police.

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    If you violated probation, you violated probation. Period.

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