Should people that report "conspiracy theorists", agree to have their accounts removed when their report is found to be disinformation?

This is a hypothetical scenario question.

It is regarding the war against conspiracy theories and disinformation on the internet.

However, my problem is, that who has the knowledge in scholarship or history to decide what is disinformation, and what is not disinformation?

I will attempt to give a hypothetical scenario example.

Hypothetical scenario:

A person with a keen interest in history goes online and announces that depictions of white men have been found in tombs in Egypt dating as far back as 2600 BC.

The typical response to this sensational claim is that this is "not" just a history enthusiast, that would just as readily announce that anyone has been found anywhere, but, is in fact a white supremist racist spreading disinformation on the internet that could be dangerous to others that might not have the intelligence to know that it is just a liar with no knowledge in history, spreading lies that white men were in Egypt prior to the dawn of the British empire.

The overwhelming consensus is that this person should be banned as it is completely untrue, and there were no whites in egypt prior to British empire.

Yet, it is a fact, that Egyptologists are aware of, that white people have been found in egyptian tombs.

Therefore, the question is, should the overwhelming number of non historians that requested the removal of the account of the historian, have their accounts removed for spreading disinformation?


I say, no, they should not.

But, they should also be more careful with what they express an opinion on, and what they choose to report.

Particularly, if they do not know anything about the subject.

Update 2:

Whilst there is a lot of conspiracy theorists out there that do spread insane and dangerous factoids, it can never be correct that the internet world becomes ruled by the uneducated, and the general consensus of the uneducated masses leads to the removal of the few educated historians.

Update 3:

Also i apologise.

This question appears to have attracted the attention of actual conspiracy theorists that think i am a conspiracy theorist.

Sorry, i think children being crisis actors is madness.

9/11 was not an inside job. et cetera.

But i still do not believe those that spread disinfo that i am a conspiracy theorist, should have their accounts removed.

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  • Foofa
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    1 month ago
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    They don't have to agree as big tech makes that decision for them. 

  • Anonymous
    1 month ago

    People like you would be among the first to have your account removed.  The truth is you fully embrace conspiracy theories....when the narrative aligns with you politically or personally.  People like that are also the kind of people who post questions saying OTHER people should have their accounts removed when they do what the asker does themselves.

  • 1 month ago

    Listen a little over a century after the first plane was invented you in the US gov tried to pull someone off only a few decades after mind control tech was alledged to have been invented that you did not have the technology to pull off with us tax dollars but I have the problem, everyone has the problem because they notice the bs?

  • Anonymous
    1 month ago

    Somewhere there's a loony bin missing one of its loonies.  

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