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Can dress shirt collars be modified?

Is it possible to replace or modify a shirt collar on a pre-existing dress shirt with a different collar. I want my collars to be way more pointy. Like, 70s too-pointy pointy.

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    To start: unless you know how shirt collars are constructed and you can sew shirt collars this will be expensive. There are two parts to a collar: the band and the fall. The pointy part is the fall and yes, the fall can have it's stiching carefully unpicked from the band, taken and replaced. The trick is finding fabric identical to the shirt, unless you like contrast color collars. The original collar can be taken apart, modified, and resewn  somewhat but you can't take a small collar and make it larger. A medium size fall can be re sewn to look somewhat pointy-er but again it's impossible to conjure fabric out of nothing. As mentioned this does cost money unless you know how to sew and alter collars by yourself. Another option is to have a custom made shirt. Some higher end men's shops let you order custom made shirts. You pick fabrics, cuff styles, shirttail options, buttons and collars from the sample book, you get measured and in a couple weeks you get a custom shirt. Collars are infinitely modifiable in the cutting stage and you can conceivably order the super pointy 1970's look you want. Your very last option is to get the book Shirt making by David Page Coffin, a good basic shirt sewing pattern that you can modify like this: https://somethingdelightful.com/m7987 fabrics, notions and learn how make your collars and the rest of your shirt whatever size and shape your retro 1970's heart desires. 

    I have modified shirt collars more times than I can count but usually I'm asked to make large ones smaller. If you did hire me I would  advise you to go for a contrast color collar. It would be cheaper for you, easier for me and we'd both be happier with the results.

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    Probably not worth the effort.  Back when many men wore dress white shirts every day, it was a common practice to remove collars and turn then over when they became worn or soiled - - - but the shirts & collars were constructed to do so - I doubt if ordinary shirts today are so designed.

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    A good tailor/seamstress could do it. But it will probably cost more than you paid for the shirt.

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