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Advice on mental health?

So basically my brother was diagnosed with schizophrenia. Thats all he was diagnosed with to my knowledge, and thats because its all he's every talked about being diagnosed with. Well I have 10 siblings and 7 of them have a diagnosed mental illness, I as well do, so I know that it runs in the family. Well my brother is an addict. Well, he claims he is anyway. Im not really going to argue with whether or not he is or not, as i really don't know. He is saying that his anxiety is really bad, to the point he won't leave his house (he lives with his husband). Now, I know this is a boldface lie because I have picked him up at his friends houses, Obviously he can leave his house. Now I have been diagnosed as agoraphobic, and I literally do not leave my house. I had to quit school and my job because leaving my house gave me panic attacks and I didn't want to go through them anymore. He keep saying that his anxiety is worse then mine, but it really doesn't seem that way, as i spend a lot of time with him and he doesn't seem to have the symptoms he says he does. Actually, he doesn't seem to have any symptoms that he says he does. He is trying to get put on xanax (he has abused pills before), and he says its because of how bad his anxiety is, but i seriously think he's just trying to get it so he can get high. I seriously believe he is exaggerating his mental illnesses for his own gain, and im not really sure what or if there's anything I can do about it. Does anyone have any advice?


I really dont understand why some of you guys are being so mean, I dont really get support at home and I was just trying to get some help.

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    Xanax is a drug that has limited usefulness. I doubt very much that it would help him if he's schizophrenic, but there are medications that do help with that. By the way, you mention that you have agoraphobia. Just now I answered a question about that and the answer has advice from experts shown to help -

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    Ha! You got LANned!

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    Cut down the amount of time you spend with him.  Worry about your own mental health, not his.

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