Editing software, recording software, youtube.?

Looking to start yourube need a little bit of advice and help:

Is it recommended to use adobe premiere pro cc for recording and editing or is there a better recording program? Jacksepticeye uses this method but others don't, his setup doesn't matter I'm was looking for reference. But if I can use both it probably saves a tiny bit a of money.Along those lines I also need a new mic as, mine broke during several moves across the united states. I was looking into getting the MXL 990, FOR $99 ONLY because my paychecks are low right now due to urgent bills I had to recently make on my pupper.But if a better one is recommended I can always save, I'm not in any rush to start this long youtube journey. 

I don't think theres too much else, maybe a camera for facial reactions or live streams? Last time I did youtube it was cringey 12-year-old me. That's over, and I'm 19 now and want to give it another shot, now that schools far over, and I got three days off to work with so I think it would be great.

Most my videos will be nothing out of the ordinary, I like a large variety of different games like Overwatch, slime rancher, skyrim, minecraft, r6s, horror games, adventure, etc. I'll play with and without friends. Just need those other suggestions and some advice on a good way to start, I'm so excited!

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  • 1 month ago

    No, not at all.

    Get "Hitfilm Express", a vast number of youtubers us that.

    The basic program is totally free, you only need to buy things for extra features at a few dollars a pack; eg. if you want "Picture in picture", you have to buy an addon pack that includes that.


    Re. microphones, the MXL 990 is excellent & should be able to get one with the shockmount etc. for well under $99 - but you will also need an audio interface to connect it to anything.

    An MXL mic mate is the simplest, you can often get them for less than $50 as well - or something like a Focusrite Scarlett 2i2 or 2i4 gives you far more flexibility for such as transferring music, dubbing over a video or live monitoring via headphones.

    I'd strongly recommend you avoid USB audio devices with the one exception of the audio interface. Stick with XLR (or 1/4" jack) connected gear and you connect different things without relying on a computer.

    eg. A Zoom HN4 Pro is a very useful high-quality audio recorder for portable or convenience use, that can use its own built in stereo mics or take additional XLR or 1/4" jack connections.

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