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I used to get angry a lot, and know I've gone soft. How do I stop?

I used to threaten a lot of people in school if they made me mad, now that i'm in college I'm can't even get mad anymore. I wanna stand up for myself. Why have I gone soft? How do I be that angry guy again?

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  • Anonymous
    1 month ago

    You haven't gone soft, you've matured and become a functional adult. Congrats. Or, alternatively, you're just a troll. 

  • 1 month ago

    You had heal. 

    Look, as a person who was truly cold hearted and emotionless to now being softer, I can tell you I get it. It’s so frustrating to feel vulnerable. Because that’s what being “soft” mean, being this pathetic, vulnerable, little thing that people see and decide to bully. But truth is, the angry people are the most pathetic. Because they live every day wanting to hurt, because under all that layer of anger, there is pain and it eats you alive and you are never happy. Us humans crave other human interactions, and being angry makes others stay away from us, and that affects our self esteem, our confidence, and makes us even more out of control. 

    Do you want to keep being miserable? To be hated and disliked? To be seen and to be thought of as a monster because the way you behave has traumatized others? 

    I know you don’t. 

    So, feel privileged that you healed, that you are “you” now. That healthy individual that has kindness within self and loves to be around others and feels lighter everyday. In high school, it used to be edgy and “cool”, but you had realized now that all that behavior is caused by unresolved trauma. And that people are not happy. 

    You, you have now that ability to be happy. 

    So be happy with that softness

  • T J
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    1 month ago

    Just keep reminding yourself of all the things that got to you in HS. Remind yourself, you deserve respect and you will get it, your way. Funny thing, I got nastier as I got older. Now, I dare anyone to piss me off.

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