Who was being offensive, the questioner, or the reporter?

This question is a hypothetical scenario question.

A woman wants to know what football top would be prettiest, and posts a photo of the football top she thinks might suit her best.

However, this offends someone from a different city or country, and reports this person that has asked which football top looks best.

The reason given is that this football top is offensive to people that do not support this football team.

However, who has caused offence in your opinion?

Is it actually the person that found the football top of this country, or city offensive, that was actually being offensive by suggesting that this country, or cities football top is offensive?

Or, was it indeed offensive to ask if this football top looks best?

Who was guilty of being offensive? The questioner, or the reporter?


Is it offensive to post a pic of a football top?

Or is it offensive to be offended by it?

Update 2:

Is the removal of this football top an offensive action against this persons culture.

Or, was the person posting a pic of their favoured football top, the offender?

Update 3:

Purely a hypothetical question, trying to highlight the growing problems faced by social media and the growing "report button culture".

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  • 1 month ago
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    This is the biggest challenge of multiculturalism. Different cultures find different things offensive. For instance I think its wrong to eat people. But that is a part of some cultures. 

  • 1 month ago

    No one ha caused offense here.  

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