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Daughter's cousin fingered her? They're both 10? I don't know what to do?

My sister's daughter is 10, and my daughter is also 10. I walked in and saw my niece fingering my daughter. I talked to my daughter after and she said it was sudden and she didn't expect it and was scared. 

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    Your sister's daughter is probably a victim of sexual abuse and has been taught and groomed to do that.  Talk to your sister and consider reporting it to the police.  If it isn't the girl's father, it could be an uncle or a neighbor and that has to stop, for the sake of the child, and yours.  Don't leave them alone anymore.  In fact, it probably wouldn't hurt to talk to the child and ask who taught her to do that and who has been doing that to her.  Get it on tape.

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    So you didn't think to mention it to your sister you decided to ask random people on the internet. I think you need to speak to your family about it.

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