Will 5G mobile services be a bust?

We keep hearing that 5G will bring truly impressive speed, but if I understand it right, you'd need a 5G tower to be put down every few hundred feet?  And the radio spectrum set aside for it won't penetrate walls?

Is that right?

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  • 1 month ago
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    5G signals do have less penetrating power and range. 

    They will need far more transceivers to enable comprehensive coverage.

    But those transceivers do not need to be anything like as large and powerful as even a modest cell phone tower/mast. Just small discreet boxes fitted onto existing items like telephone poles and street lamps, and because they don’t need much power they can usually draw more than enough power from the existing power supplies to telephone poles and street lamps.

    5G will also penetrate into buildings. But it won’t penetrate through multiple buildings in succession. Again, not a problem. The rollout of additional transceivers which can even be inside buildings will fix that; and the lack of penetration may actually be a genuine benefit inside cinemas, theatres, concert halls, churches and similar places where mobile phone usage may be inappropriate. 

  • 1 month ago

    Not even close. You're confusing the 5th generation of cellular networking (5G) with the 5 Ghz band used in newer Wi-Fi devices.

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