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How embarrassed should I be about this ?

So I suffer from extreme social anxiety and ptsd but I’m working on it, I’m in college and my roommate invited me to a party and we played a game where one of the questions said everyone had to go around and name a country. I stupidly said Africa (I know it’s not a country but I had a moment) and then everyone laughed and was like that’s not a country and now I keep worrying that everyone probably thinks I’m stupid. 

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    people have moved on. people say stupid things all the time. don't see them for a week and then go out again, work on ur social anxiety issue by socialising more, having hobbies, exercising, meditating, deep breathing and eating healthy. 

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    Why do you think your so important that everyone would think about what you said? Each person is more concerned with what everyone else thinks of THEM. People are selfish and self centered and you aren't even on their radar. 

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    Nope! I'd let it go. Don't dwell on it. It happens. Clearly, u graduated high school and passed entrance exams to confirm you were not an idiot for college. Ur pals know this. Of any thing they may tease u about(dont start freaking after reading that...its how some people have fun and is quite light hearted in its intent). If they tease u and u want it to stop, just dont smilenor laugh when they do, change the subject, & dont give it any life. Jokes are only funny when the audience laughs. If the audience is silent, the comedian shifts gears. 

    Be well. 

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