would you consider this cheating{10 books you had to chose to represent earth}??

would this be cheating... So you know the question. if you were to be sent to mars or a dessert island or another dimension and only have {add number here} books to bring with you? a.k.a we all heard this one by now.. so I got a question for the ages. would request ether or table top rpgs{like dnd 5th edition} or your own book series you wrote be cheating in this case? especially if you are going to meet alternate demission and live on an alternate earth. there is a reason I ask..{it's never going to happen}.. but both wrpgs and jrpgs are based off two different interpretations of dnd from japan and the usa.. I would just like to take that book to another culture and see there interpretation. it's a dream but it will never come true.

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