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What’s the best way to cast a person for an overweight character role, without it coming off as me calling them overweight?

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    Trust me as a fat actress I know I'm fat.  So I'm not going to take offense if you say fat or overweight or big in the character description.

    There are very few roles where size is even mentioned, so when it is used the description the playwright provided.  There is a play called When You Coming Back Red Ryder where the lead character is described as obese.  So use that descriptor

    Cogito's advice is solid.   Mention the physical aspect of the character as large, or big with a clothing size if you wish.   

    Adding that information will get the attention of actors who fit that description and you'll be able to cast the right sized actor from the people who audition.  

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    When you word the requirements for the auditions, mention the size of the character.  'Mrs X is a big woman, described as 'chubby' in the screenplay."

    Or in the UK, for example, we might ask for a female actor with dress size over 20, or a male actor with a chest size 44 plus.  Or ask for a 'plus-size' or a 'larger' actor.

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    "heavy set".   

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