What most police officers will do if I am driving "looked like police car" but it's not?

When I say looked alike. I mean just same kind with everything that police car has. Same stripe and lines and color. Except my light bar is orange instead of blue/red.

Also label will on vehicle will say "politics" instead of police, or say "She's stiff"instead of sheirff, or "freeway party" instead of highway parole?

I mean it's legal and I can't be charge as imposter because it's not police or registered as police. Also nothing label on vehicle said cops/police/sheriff/parole.

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  • 1 month ago
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    Why would you want to look like a police officer?  To some extent, you can legally use an orange light bar depending on what state you are in and then it depends on how you use it.  If you are speeding down the highway with your orange lights flashing that would be a problem.  Something the police will look at is if the average person might mistake your vehicle for a police car -- same stripe, lines and color could cause a person to see POLICE instead of POLITICS.  Something that will come into play is why the word POLITICS was printed on the side of your car, if it was put there so the average person might mistake it for a POLICE car, that would be enough to get you into trouble.  

  • 1 month ago

    MOST officers know that 'looked like a police' car is a BOGUS phrase. What you describe is a vehicle INTENTIONALLY ALTERED to appear to others to be a police car. You can, and should be, charged with impersonating an officer. When you are not around, they will get a good laugh out of it.

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