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How to get rid of hiccups?

I have had hiccups on and off for the past day and I've now had them for about an hour or so is there a cure for this is it normal?

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    There are hundreds of remedies that sort-of work some of the time, but there is one that works every time.  Get someone to scare the living snot out of you.  Out of all the home remedies, that one has the best success rate by far.

    NOTE:  90% of the time, a hiccup is basically a burp that tripped on its way out.  The other 10% of the time, it's caused by a serious health condition.  

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    Although there's still no proven treatment for hiccups, breathing into a paper bag, holding your breath, sipping cold water, or gargling with ice water may be worth trying.


    See a doctor if you get hiccups for two days or more, or have difficulty breathing, eating, or sleeping

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    Lot of times taking a sip or two of soda can get rid of it. Also a teaspoon of sugar helps but if diabetic not good idea

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