i'm 20 and have asthma and vape will i die if i get covid ?

hi um just wondering if anyone thinks i will die if i get covid i have pretty moderate asthma that can be kinda bad when i get a cold or something and i do vape unfortunately and have for like 3 years and i'm trying to quit i just am having a hard time i've been extremely anxious since covid started and have convinced myself that if i get it i will 100% die from it. i thankfully don't usually get too sick very easily and i know that the severity varies upon person to person but i'm just wondering if the fact that i already probably have weak lungs is a huge concern. 

1 Answer

  • T J
    Lv 6
    3 months ago

    Work hard on stopping the vaping. You are in the higher risk with the asthma to start with the vape is not helping you, so wear the mask, be safe as you can.

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