I am a season hire and someone in my house hold has a positive Covid test?  Can they fired me?  ?

I just found out someone in my household has a positive covid test.  I am a seasonal hire in a retail job.  Can they fire me?  I tried to get tested but they won’t test me without symptoms.  I plan on calling out of work but am not sure what to tell them.  

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    1 month ago
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    You tell them you have a Covid-positive person in your household.  You certainly should qualify for a test.  Call your local health dept. and tell them your employer requires one in order for you to come back to work. Otherwise you're stuck at home for 2 weeks and you'll still have to get a test to go back to work.  DO NOT GO TO WORK until you are cleared to do so.  It would be unfair to spread it to your co-workers and customers.  They cannot fire you for it.

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    If you continue to live with the person, getting tested isn't going to help.  You can develop the virus after the test, since you are living with the person.

    If after the 14 days you want to get tested, to make sure you didn't acquire it, there are plenty of places to get tested - CVS minute clinic, Quest labs, LabCorp etc.  You don't need to go to free government testing.

    Can you get fired?  Sure.

    What do you tell them when you call out?  I've been exposed and can't work right now.

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    they could.  good luck.

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    Just the fact you have been exposed to covid should qualify you to get tested, and just lie and say you have a dry cough to get tested. 

    Additionally, you can go to your doctor and get a blood test to see if you have corona antibodies.

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