Is the new iPhone 12 Pro worth upgrading to if I already have the 11 Pro Max?

I got the iPhone 11 Pro Max about 6 months ago, mainly for photography and other creative and artistic purposes, but now I feel like I should’ve waited for the new 12 Pro. I absolutely love my 11 Pro Max, don’t get me wrong, but I’m not sure if the new one has significant upgrades and an improved camera worth upgrading to? 

     OR should I wait a year and upgrade to the iPhone 13? I heard that one is going to have four cameras and lots of impressive new features.

     I’d appreciate any advice. Thank you so much!  

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  • 1 month ago
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    The only really dramatic difference camera-wise is the Apple RAW output files. 

    If you never use RAW files then they’re not a game-changer for you. 

    The differences in the camera modules are less dramatic. Certainly not enough for most people to justify upgrading right now if they have your present model. Upgrading will be expensive: you only have a few months use on your phone but even if sold privately you’ll lose a lot on what you paid, and then have the cost of buying the new model which usually drops after the New Year anyway. 

    The LIDAR is an interesting idea, but Apple don’t seem to know what to do with it. My iPad Pro has that feature and so far it has been utterly useless.

    In short, I’d suggest waiting until shortly before the 13 is released before buying the 12 Pro Max. By then the price will have dropped significantly and most of the inevitable bugs and hardware faults will have been rectified.

    I still use an 8 Plus. I’m reluctant to upgrade as I hate the Face ID. Compared to my fingerprint scanner it’s unreliable, clunky, and slow. Which I confirmed when I bought my iPad Pro; and I also see people every day having a far less streamlined experience when using iPhones with Face ID if they want to use their phone to make contactless payments. 

    Apple finally have a patent for a fingerprint scanner underneath the phone screen: if the 13 at last gets print scanning then I’ll be buying. I can’t see why Apple couldn’t just relocate the print scanner to the back or the side of the phone when they deleted the Home button.

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